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When you engage with us at Promantia, you will be able to:

  • Obtain our dedicated “attention” to your business performance needs.
  • Increase the “insight rate” at your organisation to generate valuable insights.
  • Uplift the “initiative rate” of measurable action to solve problems, to overcome uncertainty and make tough decisions.
  • Build up the skills of your experienced leaders at your organisation to “scan, spot, evaluate” risks, opportunities.
  • Enable newly on-boarded learners to “think” like experts.
  • Increase the “leverage” of your experts to “magnify” your organisations collective knowledge.
  • Increase the ability to overcome “daily challenges” and achieve “long term” missions.


We offer expertise in performing assessments of client organizations and teams focussed on Organization Critical Knowledge, Project Management Maturity, Individual Leadership Skills.

As part of Assessments, we offer services to clients for:

  • Knowledge Management Assessments – assessing the evolving industry best practices in knowledge management, based on ISO 5001 practices.
  • Project Management Assessments – Benchmarking of organization processes against the industry best practices through assessment of R&D, quality and project practices, based on Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) from PMI(USA).
  • Leadership Skill Assessments – Assessing the leadership pipeline, considering the organizations strategic vision, mission and goals.


We offer niche consulting service partnerships focussed on Business Performance, Knowledge Management, Project Management, Leadership, Innovation, Problem Solving across multiple domains, industries. 

We offer our expertise and experience in:

  • Preparing concept paper, business cases, strategy document for your initiatives in project management, knowledge management, leadership growth
  • understanding of multiple business domains like banking, financial services, software, logistics, and manufacturing.
  • Strengthening the critical link between strategic planning and project execution through leading roles and responsibilities in leading project, knowledge management and training practices
  • Aiding the capturing of insights, techniques, lessons learnt from your agile projects, initiatives through embedding techniques, processes
  • Extracting the critical knowledge of organisations, organizing knowledge and cultivating the knowledge


We offer education services focussed on Knowledge Management, Project Management, Leadership skills.

As part of our education initiatives, we offer our expertise and experience in:

  • Training and preparing project managers and leaders to overcome challenges through case study-based project management training for PMP(PMI-USA)
  • Embedding problem-solving techniques like Kepner Tregoe, TRIZ
  • Implementing Analysis techniques like Googles ACC(Attribute, Component, Capability matrix), Complex problem solving like Cynefin Framework
  • Transferring the critical knowledge from experts to learners, though real-life examples, educational aids, Question and Answer database