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The Ideas from “Conversations” with an Expert

Here is a snippet of a past conversation that SIMON TAUFEL had with NAGRAJ GOLLAPUDI about performing an Umpire’s job role in the CricketMonthly. Simon Taufel is a former International Cricket Umpire, 5 time winner of the ICC Umpire of the Year between 2004 to 2008.
Read the detailed interview at the original link given below:

NG: Can you talk about your regimen – what you do to PREPARE for these demands on mind and body?
ST: Talking about cricket specifics, I am very strong on WHO I am WORKING WITH, getting video footage of teams and players from a recent series – what some of their TACTICS might be, what the conditions were like, what kind of appeals and things to EXPECT, if there are any TRENDS in my own game I need to address. I try and go through my self-assessment in that format of the game or with those teams and look at areas I could have done better in and develop those into new match- or new series GOALS.


NG: Batsmen and bowlers switch on and off between (ball) deliveries. How did you do it?
ST: Ian Healy, the former Australian wicketkeeper, said something that day that stuck with me: you do not switch off and switch on, you SWITCH UP and SWITCH DOWN. That is pretty much what an umpire has to do all the time; you have to learn to switch up at the right time and switch down. Obviously we have to FOCUS on the BALL, but it is only probably TWO or THREE seconds that we actually have to be at a high level of focus, just like the wicketkeeper. It is about focusing on the RIGHT things at the RIGHT time. If you can do that consistently ball after ball, you are going to do a very good job. Our challenge is to umpire one ball very well, ball after ball, until we run out of deliveries.

NG: About learning from your mistakes and handling wrong decisions?
ST: When you are competing with 29 cameras, Hawk-Eye, Snickometer, Hot Spot, there are going to be times technology is going to show you did not see or you did not hear.
And that is why I always FOCUS on the INPUT side and not too much on the output. I look at my preparation, I look at my mental state, I look at what I was doing at the time, I look to see whether I was in that HERE-and-NOW space that we talk about, whether I was focusing on the right thing at the right time.

One Key Question to Spin Ideas in your domain into Action :
Q1. What is the “BALL” in your play domain, how long do you have to “SWITCH UP” your focus and what is the best “DAILY PREP” routine for your ball game?

Read more at https://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/591383/-to-be-a-good-umpire-you-have-to-be-a-good-person 
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